Belknap Crater and McKenzie Pass

Belknap and McKenzie Pass

You can see Belknap Crater area and part of the 65 sq mi/170 km2 basaltic andesite lava flow at McKenzie Pass in this photograph. Belknap is the youngest shield volcano in the Cascade range with an elevation of 6,876 ft/2,096… read more Belknap and McKenzie Pass

The Beach

A typical beach scene at the Oregon Coast. This happens to be the central coast, but it could be a beach anywhere along the coastline. I happen to prefer the rocky coastline of Southern Oregon, but there isn’t a bad… read more The Beach


Obsidian Volcanic Glass

Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed when felsic lava cools rapidly, minimizing crystal growth. Historically it has been used for weapons, tools and even a surgical edge. When processed correctly, obsidian will provide a long lasting very sharp edge. You… read more Obsidian Volcanic Glass

Damara Zebra

A Damara Zebra?

Yes, there are zebra in Oregon. Not in the wild, but they are here… I felt that this photograph was too nice to exclude from the website here. Taken at the 600 acre/243 hectare non-profit “Wildlife Safari” drive through game… read more A Damara Zebra?

Olallie Lake

Olallie Lake

Olallie Lake is a high mountain lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest with a great view of Mt. Jefferson. It is a nice semi-rustic getaway. There is a small primitive resort with a general store and ten cabins. Rowboats,… read more Olallie Lake

Qochax Island at Sunset Beach

Qochax Island and Sunset Beach

A low tide, Qochax Island looks like a rock monster emerging from the ocean from this viewpoint at Sunset Beach. Sunset Beach is at Sunset Bay State Park, which is adjacent to Shore Acres State Park, SE of North Bend/Coos… read more Qochax Island and Sunset Beach

Little Crater Lake

Little Crater Lake

Similar in name only, to the Crater Lake in the National Park in southern Oregon. Little Crater Lake is not in a crater and is not volcanic in origin. It was formed by an artesian well forcing its way through… read more Little Crater Lake

Calypso Orchids

Bunches of Orchids

The Calypso Orchid (calypso bulbosa) is a welcome sight. Seeing them as singles or small groups is common, this was part of a group of perhaps 200 or so. Due to the sensitive nature of the orchid, the exact location… read more Bunches of Orchids

Mountain Goat

Most mountain goats in Oregon in the mountains of the northeast corner of the state. The males have longer horns than the females, and are larger. They range from 100 to 310 lbs/45 to 140 kg when mature. Both sexes… read more Mountain Goat

Grassy Pastureland View

Grassy Vista

A simple view of a grassy pasture at a farm in very Eastern Oregon, near Haines. Haines is north of Baker City. While the main subject is not “nature”, there is enough of it in the photograph to place it… read more Grassy Vista



This cool looking fellow was seen east of Roseburg, Oregon near Hwy-138. The exact species is unknown, but it looks like it is the larvae of a moth. Whatever it is, it is interesting. Download HD Wallpaper

Stellar Sea Lions

Among pinnipeds (the class/clade for seals), only the walrus and two species of elephant seal are larger than the Stellar Sea Lion. Adult females weigh in at 530–770 lbs/240–350 kg, while the males range from 990–2,470 lbs/450–1,120 kg. They are also a great comeback… read more Stellar Sea Lions