Typical Central Oregon Roadside

Miles of this. Yes, the land varies a lot… You will find rocky scenes like this, a nice Ponderosa Pine forest, the remnants of a volcano, great whitewater, or even a lake. There is a lot of this though. Download… read more Typical Central Oregon Roadside

Typical Northeastern Oregon Roadside

The views in the Blue Mountains, Wallowas, Elkhorn, and other mountains ranges vary from this, the prairies and of course the Snake River and limited roads near Hells Canyon (over 5,000ft/1.6km deep on the Oregon side and over 7,400ft/2.3km deep… read more Typical Northeastern Oregon Roadside

Panorama Point County Park

Located off of Hwy-35 headed just out of Hood River, this park offers great views of Mt. Hood, and areas around Odell and Parkdale to the south.or This is a great stop to get out and stretch your legs for… read more Panorama Point County Park

Columbia River Gorge

A great, and classic, view from the Chanticleer Point Lookout at the Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint looking towards the Vista House and the Columbia River Gorge. Download HD Wallpaper Location via Google Maps

Crooked River Petroglyph

Near Lake Billy Chinook in Central Oregon you will find this. Relocated to this position in 1963, about one mile/1.6km from its original location on the Crooked River. Found in 1961, it was on land, ceded by treaty, from the… read more Crooked River Petroglyph

Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass Road

A classic view of Mt. Hood. Head east of The Portland area on Hwy-26. Turn left on E. Lolo Pass Road near milepost 42. About ten minutes later, this view will be on the right side of your vehicle. The… read more Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass Road

An Elk With an Itch

An Elk With an Itch

Taken from my vehicle, this bull elk was using his antlers to take care of an itch. The elk was just off of a gravel road south of Hwy-58, on the west side of the summit. Download HD Wallpaper

Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges Viewpoint

Located near milepost 346 on Hwy-101 on the southern Oregon coast, this view is a few steps from the parking area. There is a trail to take you farther down, passing wildflowers and more. Just a couple minutes north of… read more Natural Bridges Viewpoint

Mosier Twin Tunnels

Mosier Twin Tunnels

Located on the historic Columbia River Scenic Highway just west of Hood River. The highway was replaced by Interstate 84, but sections of the old, beautiful, highway remain. Most people view the western part of the highway while visiting the… read more Mosier Twin Tunnels

Osprey Nest

Osprey Nest

The osprey, occasionally called a sea hawk, river hawk, or fish hawk, is a large raptor that is about 24 in/60 cm in length and with a 50–70 in/125–180 cm wingspan. They are the only raptor whos outer toe is… read more Osprey Nest

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

A person fly fishing on the Crooked River south of Prineville. From town, just head south on Main Street, which becomes the Crooked River Highway. I took the photo at one of the many turnouts along the river. A beautiful… read more Fly Fishing

Hills and a Farm

The Hills and a Farm

Perhaps this scene isn’t the most nature filled one here, but it still deserves a place. Those hills, the trees, the grass, the cows. They are all part of nature. Enjoy this photograph taken somewhere (I think) near Baker City… read more The Hills and a Farm