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A slightly tart and delicious salmonberry. You can find salmonberries from Alaska to California and inland to Idaho. If I am out and happen to see them, it is time for a snack… If you keep your eyes out near… read more Salmonberry

Lincoln City Beach

Lincoln City Beach

A typical cold March day in Lincoln City on the Central Oregon Coast. In Oregon all beaches are public access. If you see a beach, you are not prohibited from being on the beach. You cannot cross private property to… read more Lincoln City Beach

Ground Cover

A view of grass and other ground cover plants on the southern Oregon coast. Location via Google Maps Download HD Wallpaper

Deadly Beauty - Foxglove

Deadly Beauty

Foxglove, or digitalis purpurea, is a poisonous plant that is deadly and beautiful. The stem of flowers can reach 6.5 ft/2.2m in its second year. The wild ones, like those here, are typically white or purple, but other colors are… read more Deadly Beauty

Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges Viewpoint

Located near milepost 346 on Hwy-101 on the southern Oregon coast, this view is a few steps from the parking area. There is a trail to take you farther down, passing wildflowers and more. Just a couple minutes north of… read more Natural Bridges Viewpoint

Drift Creek Suspension Bridge

Away From The Road – Day 3 of 5: Drift Creek Falls Suspension Bridge

A short distance from Lincoln City, on the Central Oregon coast, is a hidden gem. A hiking trail with a suspension bridge that has a view of a 75ft/23m waterfall. The trail is easy to moderate in difficulty, and is… read more Away From The Road – Day 3 of 5: Drift Creek Falls Suspension Bridge

Siltcoos Lagoon

Siltcoos Lagoon

The Siltcoos lagoon is located on the Oregon coast, west of Hwy-101 and south of Dunes City. The turn off from the highway is near milepost 198. There is a nice view like this from the road, and a lagoon… read more Siltcoos Lagoon

Fogarty Creek Sunset

Fogarty Creek Sunset

Fogarty Creek State Park is located on the coast between Depoe Bay and Lincoln City, south of milepost 124. A sandy beach is at the north end of the park, while a rocky area becomes visible at low tide on… read more Fogarty Creek Sunset

The Beach

A typical beach scene at the Oregon Coast. This happens to be the central coast, but it could be a beach anywhere along the coastline. I happen to prefer the rocky coastline of Southern Oregon, but there isn’t a bad… read more The Beach

Qochax Island at Sunset Beach

Qochax Island and Sunset Beach

A low tide, Qochax Island looks like a rock monster emerging from the ocean from this viewpoint at Sunset Beach. Sunset Beach is at Sunset Bay State Park, which is adjacent to Shore Acres State Park, SE of North Bend/Coos… read more Qochax Island and Sunset Beach

Stellar Sea Lions

Among pinnipeds (the class/clade for seals), only the walrus and two species of elephant seal are larger than the Stellar Sea Lion. Adult females weigh in at 530–770 lbs/240–350 kg, while the males range from 990–2,470 lbs/450–1,120 kg. They are also a great comeback… read more Stellar Sea Lions


How Many Elk?

It is always a good day when you see an elk, and a great day when you see this many! Taken at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area on Hwy-38 a couple minutes east of Reedsport on the southern Oregon… read more How Many Elk?