Stellar Sea Lions

Among pinnipeds (the class/clade for seals), only the walrus and two species of elephant seal are larger than the Stellar Sea Lion. Adult females weigh in at 530–770 lbs/240–350 kg, while the males range from 990–2,470 lbs/450–1,120 kg.

They are also a great comeback story, having been placed on the endangered species list, and then being removed from it when their populations increased.

This photo happens to be from the Sea Lion Caves on the Central Oregon Coast, but they are located up and down the coast. You can find them on rocks, islands, caves, docks, and so much more. The Sea Lion Caves are located 11 miles/18 km north of Florence on U.S. Highway 101.

At ground level you can view migrating whales and view the sea lions on the rocks below. An elevator will take you to this viewing platform 300 feet/91m underground.

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