Calypso Orchid

Calypso Orchid

The Calypso Orchid (calypso bulbosa) is a welcome sight. They are common and yet elusive at the same time. They may be found in a forest park, ditch, along a stream or river, or even in the shade of a tree. We have seen them in Silver Falls State Park, above Detroit Lake, near Mary’s Peak, next to a rest area (in the forest), along a logging road near Hwy-58, and a few other places. We have found that if locating one is your goal, you will have a hard time. If you are just out enjoying the trip, they may pop up for you.

They are relatively small, typically 3-8 in/8-20 cm in height. What they lack in height, they make up for in appearance. They bloom after the snow melt, typically in May and June, depending on weather and elevation.

Due to its requirement of a soil fungi, it does not transplant well. If you happen to find one, do not pick the flower. Picking the flower will kill the plant. Also, avoid walking too near to it, they do not like compressed soil.

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