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Three Sisters mountains at the town of Sisters.

Three Sisters From Sisters

A view of the Three Sisters mountains from the town of Sisters in Central Oregon. From Sisters, just head out Hwy-242 and look to the left. You cannot miss the view of three of the tallest mountains in Oregon. Download… read more Three Sisters From Sisters

Trillium – And Two Friends

A photo of a Pacific Trillium, in Silver Falls State Park, during a light rain storm. If you look closely, you can see that there are two little “friends” in the photo… This is the most abundant trillium in western… read more Trillium – And Two Friends

Two Tuya Subglacial Volanoes

These are a real treat! Tuya subglacial volcanoes are basically volcanoes that erupt under an ice sheet. The erupting volcano, with the cooling effects of the ice, weight of the ice sheet above, and the effects of the lake the… read more Two Tuya Subglacial Volanoes

Typical Mountain Roadside

Driving across the mountains in Oregon, pretty much any of forested ones, you will see miles of scenes like this. Maybe some are a little denser, or more sparse, more green or less green… but pretty much like this. Download… read more Typical Mountain Roadside

Panorama Point County Park

Located off of Hwy-35 headed just out of Hood River, this park offers great views of Mt. Hood, and areas around Odell and Parkdale to the south.or This is a great stop to get out and stretch your legs for… read more Panorama Point County Park

Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass Road

A classic view of Mt. Hood. Head east of The Portland area on Hwy-26. Turn left on E. Lolo Pass Road near milepost 42. About ten minutes later, this view will be on the right side of your vehicle. The… read more Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass Road

An Elk With an Itch

An Elk With an Itch

Taken from my vehicle, this bull elk was using his antlers to take care of an itch. The elk was just off of a gravel road south of Hwy-58, on the west side of the summit. Download HD Wallpaper

Toketee Falls

Away From The Road – Day 1 of 5: Toketee Falls

Toketee Falls is located east of Roseburg, Oregon. The 120 foot/37 meter two stage plunge through a cut in the columnar basalt wall is one of my favorites. Toketee Falls is located on the North Umpqua River where is meets Clearwater… read more Away From The Road – Day 1 of 5: Toketee Falls

Rainy Hills

Rainy Hills

A view of some hills in the rain. This could have been taken almost anywhere, but was taken on McCoy Creek Road. McCoy Creek Road is a couple minutes east of Idanha which is east of Detroit on Hwy 22… read more Rainy Hills

Mt. Hood and Lost Lake

A classic view of Mt. Hood behind Lost Lake in Hood River county, Oregon. There are many beautiful views of these two landmarks. Unfortunately, when I was there it was too windy for anything noteworthy. I need to go back,… read more Mt. Hood and Lost Lake

Belknap Crater and McKenzie Pass

Belknap and McKenzie Pass

You can see Belknap Crater area and part of the 65 sq mi/170 km2 basaltic andesite lava flow at McKenzie Pass in this photograph. Belknap is the youngest shield volcano in the Cascade range with an elevation of 6,876 ft/2,096… read more Belknap and McKenzie Pass

Olallie Lake

Olallie Lake

Olallie Lake is a high mountain lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest with a great view of Mt. Jefferson. It is a nice semi-rustic getaway. There is a small primitive resort with a general store and ten cabins. Rowboats,… read more Olallie Lake