Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass Road

A classic view of Mt. Hood.

Head east of The Portland area on Hwy-26. Turn left on E. Lolo Pass Road near milepost 42. About ten minutes later, this view will be on the right side of your vehicle. The best view are from underneath the long distance power lines. Having the lines there creates the openings that allows us to see the mountain.

Accessible year round, but snow will be on the road during the winter, you don’t have to exit your vehicle to see this view.

Nearby is the trailhead for Ramona Falls and the views of Mt. Hood from Lost Lake.

Location via Google Maps

(This photograph is from a few years ago. I was out pre-smartphone, without a camera, and stumbled across this. One trip to the mini-mart at the Hwy-26 junction for a disposable film camera and a return to get this. This image is a scan of a photo from a disposable camera.)

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