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A slightly tart and delicious salmonberry. You can find salmonberries from Alaska to California and inland to Idaho. If I am out and happen to see them, it is time for a snack… If you keep your eyes out near… read more Salmonberry

Deadly Beauty - Foxglove

Deadly Beauty

Foxglove, or digitalis purpurea, is a poisonous plant that is deadly and beautiful. The stem of flowers can reach 6.5 ft/2.2m in its second year. The wild ones, like those here, are typically white or purple, but other colors are… read more Deadly Beauty

Yawning Red Tailed Hawk

Yes, if you are out early in the morning, even the animals are a little tired. This VERY cooperative red tail hawk patiently waited for me to take about 50 photos before I drove off. This one of a yawn… read more Yawning Red Tailed Hawk

Urban Bald Eagle

This is a photo of a bald eagle within the city limits of Salem, Oregon. There are two nests in Minto-Brown Island Park, but this one was several miles/km away. Sometimes, it is best to just keep your eyes open… read more Urban Bald Eagle

Osprey Nest

Osprey Nest

The osprey, occasionally called a sea hawk, river hawk, or fish hawk, is a large raptor that is about 24 in/60 cm in length and with a 50–70 in/125–180 cm wingspan. They are the only raptor whos outer toe is… read more Osprey Nest

Away From The Road – Day 5 of 5: Lower South Falls

Located at Silver Falls State Park, this 93 ft/28m is a gem that most people do not take the time to view. This is located downstream, or downhill, from most of the waterfalls in the park. You can reach it downstream… read more Away From The Road – Day 5 of 5: Lower South Falls

A leaf that looks like a crab

A Crabby Leaf?

A simple pic of a leaf, that looks like a crab, I noticed while walking around a park in the Willamette Valley. This could have been anywhere, so the location isn’t really needed here. Download HD Wallpaper

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

The Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge, located just off of I-5 south of Salem, is home to over 200 bird species. The refuge is over 1,700 acres/6.9 sq km dedicated to bird habitat. The refuge consist of several natural ponds and… read more Great Blue Heron

Work of a Beaver

The Work of a Beaver…

The State mammal of Oregon is the American Beaver. It is also the national animal of Canada. A large semi-aquatic rodent, it lives in ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes. They are know for creating a debris dam and lodge in… read more The Work of a Beaver…

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

The western tiger swallowtail butterfly, Papilio rutulus, is common to Oregon and most of the western U.S. Mature, it measures about 3-4in/ 7-10cm across. This photograph was taken in my backyard. Download HD Wallpaper

Upper North Falls

Upper North Falls

Located at Silver Falls State Park, this 65 ft/20 m curtain style waterfall is at the end of a very easy mostly flat walk. When the trail ends, this is the view. This is the eastern most waterfall in the “Trail of… read more Upper North Falls

Foggy Roadside

Foggy Morning

A road in northeastern Linn county, on a foggy morning. Download HD Wallpaper