Upper North Falls

Upper North Falls

Located at Silver Falls State Park, this 65 ft/20 m curtain style waterfall is at the end of a very easy mostly flat walk. When the trail ends, this is the view.

This is the eastern most waterfall in the “Trail of ten falls” at the park. If you have the time, you should take the hike. Middle North and Lower South are my personal favorites, but they are too far into the park to be featured here.

If you want to see the highlights, and make it a short trip, this is what you can do. Feel free to use any or all of the steps below to make a trip that you like. For example; if you want to avoid the crowds and see the most waterfalls, only use step 2.

  1. Park at the South Falls area, visit the lodge, walk down to and under South Falls, return when you are done. This path is fully paved, and is also the most crowded. Optional extension to Lower South Falls (another one you can walk behind), it is a good hike and the return is all uphill.
  2. Park at the Winter Falls parking area. Walk down to Winter Falls, continue to the bridge crossing the north fork of Silver Creek. Turn left and see Middle North Falls (another one you can walk behind), Drake Falls, Double Falls and Lower North Falls. You can make this longer by continuing to Lower South Falls and return.
    2B. Do the same as above, but when returning to the bridge, do not cross it to return to your vehicle. Continue straight and visit Twin Falls, and return. Optional extension to North and Upper North Falls with a return to your vehicle on a trail that parallels the road.
  3. Park at the North Falls parking area. Head down and walk behind the horsetail style North Falls. Return to the parking area, cross under the road and visit Upper North Falls.

This will let you visit all of the waterfalls, in the shortest amount of time. It does however, means that you may not see Lower South Falls (a favorite) and possibly Twin Falls. A full map is available from Oregon State Parks here.

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