North Falls

North Falls

This is the view, of North Falls, from my car window. This is one of ten major falls in Silver Falls State Park. North Falls is the only one visible from the road.

One of many waterfalls along the North Fork of Silver Creek in the park. North Falls is the third highest waterfall in the Park. The Horsetail style plunge is 136 feet / 41 meters. There are waterfalls on four creeks in the park.

One feature of the waterfall is the large 100 foot / 30 meter undercut behind the falls. If you keep an eye on the ceiling of the undercut while on the trail, you can see several tree casts where lava flowed around the trees and cooled leaving the pattern of the tree behind after the tree burned or rotted away.

All of the major waterfalls are accessible via a combination of the “Trail of ten falls” and two short spur trails.

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The viewpoint, not the actual falls, on Google Maps

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