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Tumalo Reservoir and Three Sisters

As I was driving from the Bend area to the valley one evening, I saw something developing to the west. It was several years ago, so I opened a map up, looked at the area, and headed to Tumalo Reservoir… read more Tumalo Reservoir and Three Sisters

Three Sisters mountains at the town of Sisters.

Three Sisters From Sisters

A view of the Three Sisters mountains from the town of Sisters in Central Oregon. From Sisters, just head out Hwy-242 and look to the left. You cannot miss the view of three of the tallest mountains in Oregon. Download… read more Three Sisters From Sisters

Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass Road

A classic view of Mt. Hood. Head east of The Portland area on Hwy-26. Turn left on E. Lolo Pass Road near milepost 42. About ten minutes later, this view will be on the right side of your vehicle. The… read more Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass Road

Mt. Hood and Lost Lake

A classic view of Mt. Hood behind Lost Lake in Hood River county, Oregon. There are many beautiful views of these two landmarks. Unfortunately, when I was there it was too windy for anything noteworthy. I need to go back,… read more Mt. Hood and Lost Lake

Olallie Lake

Olallie Lake

Olallie Lake is a high mountain lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest with a great view of Mt. Jefferson. It is a nice semi-rustic getaway. There is a small primitive resort with a general store and ten cabins. Rowboats,… read more Olallie Lake

Trillium Lake Fisherman

A beautiful scene with a man fishing from his one person pontoon boat on Trillium Lake near Mt. Hood in Oregon. Did you notice the kayaker on the right and the couple in the canoe on the left? Trillium lake is popular for camping,… read more Trillium Lake Fisherman

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters mountains from a remote road north of the McKenzie Highway, Hwy-242. The three sisters are very close and very different volcanoes. The North Sister is an extinct shield volcano, the Middle Sister an extinct stratovolcano, and the… read more Three Sisters

Sparks Lake Sunrise

Sparks Lake Sunrise

Taken at sunrise, near the Sparks Lake Campground, on a cold clear morning at 34f/1c degree morning in August. I find it hard to believe that some people were still sleeping in their tents and not seeing this. A fantastic morning…. read more Sparks Lake Sunrise

McKenzie Pass

McKenzie Pass

The lava flow at McKenzie Pass, from Belknap Crater, forms a great foreground to the view of the North Sister and Middle Sister mountains (the South Sister is hidden behind the Middle Sister in this view). All three of the sisters… read more McKenzie Pass

Sparks Lake and the South Sister

Sparks Lake with South Sister

Sparks Lake is near Mt. Bachelor and the South Sister (the mountain in the photograph) in central Oregon. Taken shortly after sunrise on a just above freezing, perfect August morning. From this view, the Middle and North Sisters are hidden… read more Sparks Lake with South Sister

Mt Hood and Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake and Mt Hood

Taken near the boat launch on Trillium Lake, this view of Mt. Hood is a classic. Trillium lake is popular for camping, fishing, non–motorized boating, and photography. It is unique in that there isn’t a creek or river flowing into… read more Trillium Lake and Mt Hood