Belknap Crater and McKenzie Pass

Belknap and McKenzie Pass

You can see Belknap Crater area and part of the 65 sq mi/170 km2 basaltic andesite lava flow at McKenzie Pass in this photograph.

Belknap is the youngest shield volcano in the Cascade range with an elevation of 6,876 ft/2,096 m and was the last volcano to erupt in the Three Sisters area.

The “Sisters Reach” area consists of roughly 466 volcanoes and vents. Notables ones include Mt, Washington, Three Fingered Jack, The Three Sisters, Mt Bachelor, Belknap, Broken Top, and lesser known ones like The Husband, Sphinx Butte, Koosah Mountain, Collier Cone, Four in One Cone, Le Conte Crater, The Wife, and much more.

Belknap Crater is the high point in the image, Little Belknap Crater is just below it and the right. If you look closely, you can see the smoke from a forest fire.

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