Mountain Goat

Most mountain goats in Oregon in the mountains of the northeast corner of the state.

The males have longer horns than the females, and are larger. They range from 100 to 310 lbs/45 to 140 kg when mature. Both sexes have beards. Their double layered coat allows them to survive cold winter temperatures as low as -51°f/-46°c. Brrr…

The mountain goat is designed for steep and uneven mostly rocky hillsides and slopes. Steep pitches are not an issue with the mountain goat. They have cloven hooves that can spread apart to get a better grip on the ground. Their dewclaws help keep them from slipping down the slope. Likewise, the trip up the hill is helped by powerful muscles.

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While I have seen them from my vehicle, this particular one is at the Oregon Zoo in Portland.

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