Damara Zebra

A Damara Zebra?

Yes, there are zebra in Oregon. Not in the wild, but they are here…

I felt that this photograph was too nice to exclude from the website here. Taken at the 600 acre/243 hectare non-profit “Wildlife Safari” drive through game park near Winston, Oregon. You can follow the signs near Roseburg to get there.

If you visit the park you can see cheetahs, white rhinoceros, African elephants, hippopotamuses, African lions, giraffes, American bison, American elk, Sumatran Tigers, Tibetan Yak, and so much more as they roam freely. The predators are kept separate from the other animals, but they can freely roam in their own area. While you drive through the park, and enjoy the walk-through areas, keep an eye out for the birds. Ostriches, bald eagles, Chilean flamingo, emu, the fantastic sounds from the laughing kookaburra, along with reptiles like the American alligator, desert tortoise, ball python and more.

A pretty good place for a photographer, a family, or pretty much anybody.

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