Little Crater Lake

Little Crater Lake

Similar in name only, to the Crater Lake in the National Park in southern Oregon.

Little Crater Lake is not in a crater and is not volcanic in origin. It was formed by an artesian well forcing its way through layers of volcanic rock.

The clear water maintains a cold 34° f/1° c temperature year round.

If you are on the road from the Portland area to central or eastern Oregon, this is a nice place to see something new and stretch your legs for a short time.

From Hwy-26 on the east side of Mt. Hood turn onto Oregon Skyline Road, south of milepost 66, turn left onto Abbott road and it will be on the left side. The trailhead is near the campground. While this is not visible from your vehicle, there is a FLAT 250 foot/75 meter trail to the viewing platform around the lake. Super easy.

View a photo of information sign at the lake.

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Location via Google Maps

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