Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls

I remember the first time I saw this waterfall. I came up to the viewpoint and said “WOW”.

Tumalo Falls is a 97 foot/30 meter waterfall only 14 miles/23km from the city of Bend in Central Oregon. The three mile/five km long road is not maintained in the Winter, but is a decent gravel road the rest of the year. At the small parking area, things can get a little tight on weekends. If the slopes of the parking lot are not an issue, the trail to the viewing platform is very short and very accessible. There is also a trail to the top of the waterfall with a picnic area waiting for you.

This is the view from the viewing platform, near the parking area. A similar view can be seen from your vehicle when on the bridge crossing over the creek.

Since this one is not near a highway… In Bend take exit 139 on Hwy-97 and head west on SW Reed Market Rd. Continue through four roudabouts/traffic circles to another one at SW Century Dr. Continuing straight puts. You on Mt. Washington Dr. Turn left on Metolious Dr, and then right on Skyline Rd. Finally, turn left on NW Skyliners Rd which becomes Forest Service Road 4601. Follow the signs to Tumalo Falls Rd. The falls are at the end of the road. It sounds like a long way, but it is only 30 minutes from Bend. You can find it on Google Maps here.

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