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Ground Cover

A view of grass and other ground cover plants on the southern Oregon coast. Location via Google Maps Download HD Wallpaper

Calypso Orchids

Bunches of Orchids

The Calypso Orchid (calypso bulbosa) is a welcome sight. Seeing them as singles or small groups is common, this was part of a group of perhaps 200 or so. Due to the sensitive nature of the orchid, the exact location… read more Bunches of Orchids

Shore Acres State Park

Shore Acres State Park

Located on the Southern Oregon Coast, 13 miles (21 km) south of Coos Bay, features five acres of gardens. A rose test garden, a Japanese lilly pond, formal English gardens and so much more. The rocks at the shoreline project into the… read more Shore Acres State Park

Aspen and Ponderosa

Aspen and Ponderosa

Along the road into Black Butte Ranch, near Sisters, there is a grove of aspen trees. Since the area is also home to ponderosa pine tree, an interesting mix can occur. Download HD Wallpaper Location via Google Maps



The International Rose Test Garden is located in Washington Park in Portland, Oregon. It features 10,000 roses plants from about 650 varieties. Any time is nice, but the blooms peak in the June/July time range. That is the best, most… read more Roses!



An unidentified mushroom north of Santiam Junction in Oregon located perhaps 20 yards/meters off of Hwy–22. Unless the mushroom is a delicious Morel or Chanterelle variety, I don’t even touch it. When I was taking this photograph, there were probably… read more Mushroom


Darlingtonia (Carnivorous Plant)

Sometimes called a “pitcher plant”, Darlingtonia Calofirnica are a carnivorous plant that digest insects in the bottom of a large tube. From the sign at the “Darlingtonia State Natural Site” five miles/8 km North of Florence on Hwy-101 on the… read more Darlingtonia (Carnivorous Plant)