Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is near Mt. Bachelor and the South Sister (the mountain in the photograph) in central Oregon. This photograph was taken shortly after sunrise on a just above freezing, perfect August morning. I can almost smell the cutthroat trout over the campfires.

The lake is one of several in Oregon that does not have a visible outlet. The lake drains by feeding groundwater springs in the area. From this view, the Middle and North Sisters are hidden behind the South Sister.

The area around this scene, several hundred yards/meters either direction along the lake shore, is one of my favorite parts of Oregon. This location is near the begining of the Ray Atkeson Memorial Trail.

This view is perhaps 100 yards/meters from the boat ramp. A nice paved trail, this is an easy view.

Just follow the signs in Bend to Mt Bachelor (a large ski area) taking you down Century Drive and then the Cascades Lakes Highway. Just after the Mt Bachelor ski resort you will see the signs for the lake. This is the view from the boat launch area. Well worth the trip!

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