Away From The Road – Day 2 of 5: Smith Rocks

Smith Rock State Park is located near Hwy-97 a few minutes north of Redmond, near Terrebonne just north of milepost 116.

Smith Rock State Park is considered the birthplace of modern sport climbing. The park contains the first U.S. climb rated 5.14c (Pro level). There are more than 1,800 climbing routes, in only 650 acres.

These are photos of a group of people working their way to the top of “Monkey Face“, a 5.14c climb. In the primary photo, I am looking up at a climber. In the second one, I am at the top of “Misery Ridge” looking down at the climbers. While I am not a climber, I like taking photographs of the geology, landscape, and the climbers. They like it when we exchange info and have the photographs sent to them…

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Smith Rock

Location via Google Maps

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