Lincoln City Beach

Lincoln City Beach

A typical cold March day in Lincoln City on the Central Oregon Coast. In Oregon all beaches are public access. If you see a beach, you are not prohibited from being on the beach. You cannot cross private property to… read more Lincoln City Beach

Ground Cover

A view of grass and other ground cover plants on the southern Oregon coast. Location via Google Maps Download HD Wallpaper

Roadside Deer

A Deer Surprise

When traveling around the state, you will encounter wildlife. I surprised this one near the city limits of a town in Central Oregon. It could have been anywhere… Just keep your eyes open and you will see something notable. Download… read more A Deer Surprise

Deadly Beauty - Foxglove

Deadly Beauty

Foxglove, or digitalis purpurea, is a poisonous plant that is deadly and beautiful. The stem of flowers can reach 6.5 ft/2.2m in its second year. The wild ones, like those here, are typically white or purple, but other colors are… read more Deadly Beauty

Three Sisters mountains at the town of Sisters.

Three Sisters From Sisters

A view of the Three Sisters mountains from the town of Sisters in Central Oregon. From Sisters, just head out Hwy-242 and look to the left. You cannot miss the view of three of the tallest mountains in Oregon. Download… read more Three Sisters From Sisters

Yawning Red Tailed Hawk

Yes, if you are out early in the morning, even the animals are a little tired. This VERY cooperative red tail hawk patiently waited for me to take about 50 photos before I drove off. This one of a yawn… read more Yawning Red Tailed Hawk

Trillium – And Two Friends

A photo of a Pacific Trillium, in Silver Falls State Park, during a light rain storm. If you look closely, you can see that there are two little “friends” in the photo… This is the most abundant trillium in western… read more Trillium – And Two Friends

Urban Bald Eagle

This is a photo of a bald eagle within the city limits of Salem, Oregon. There are two nests in Minto-Brown Island Park, but this one was several miles/km away. Sometimes, it is best to just keep your eyes open… read more Urban Bald Eagle

Two Tuya Subglacial Volanoes

These are a real treat! Tuya subglacial volcanoes are basically volcanoes that erupt under an ice sheet. The erupting volcano, with the cooling effects of the ice, weight of the ice sheet above, and the effects of the lake the… read more Two Tuya Subglacial Volanoes

Typical Mountain Roadside

Driving across the mountains in Oregon, pretty much any of forested ones, you will see miles of scenes like this. Maybe some are a little denser, or more sparse, more green or less green… but pretty much like this. Download… read more Typical Mountain Roadside

Typical Central Oregon Roadside

Miles of this. Yes, the land varies a lot… You will find rocky scenes like this, a nice Ponderosa Pine forest, the remnants of a volcano, great whitewater, or even a lake. There is a lot of this though. Download… read more Typical Central Oregon Roadside

Typical Northeastern Oregon Roadside

The views in the Blue Mountains, Wallowas, Elkhorn, and other mountains ranges vary from this, the prairies and of course the Snake River and limited roads near Hells Canyon (over 5,000ft/1.6km deep on the Oregon side and over 7,400ft/2.3km deep… read more Typical Northeastern Oregon Roadside