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Deadly Beauty - Foxglove

Deadly Beauty

Foxglove, or digitalis purpurea, is a poisonous plant that is deadly and beautiful. The stem of flowers can reach 6.5 ft/2.2m in its second year. The wild ones, like those here, are typically white or purple, but other colors are… read more Deadly Beauty

Trillium – And Two Friends

A photo of a Pacific Trillium, in Silver Falls State Park, during a light rain storm. If you look closely, you can see that there are two little “friends” in the photo… This is the most abundant trillium in western… read more Trillium – And Two Friends

Gold Star

Gold Star

This was taken along the Mosier Twin Tunnel Trail just outside of Hood River, Oregon. This “trail” is part of the conversion of some remnants of the Historic Columbia River Highway to a bicycle & pedestrian path. You can travel through the twin tunnels… read more Gold Star